Hi there 👋

I’m Jan, a computer science master’s student from Würzburg Germany.

My sweet spot is embedded development with a focus on space-related control software and computer vision. During my studies, I got the opportunity to work on three REXUS/BEXUS projects. We built an autonomous vision system on a high-altitude balloon and a novel recovery system, called Daedalus, which is dropped from sounding rockets. This is an amazing journey and I like to present our open source ground station Telestion to you, which powers these projects.

If you are lucky you will probably catch me fiddling with my passion: computer game projects. To put some more effort into this hobby I started a double degree in games engineering. After half a year of work, I proudly present our first game prototype Back in Time.

Besides those activities, I like to attend competitions and hackathons. I spend some time in internships and working in research groups at my university and CLAAS Gmbh.

Just drop me a mail if you are interested in my projects or like to work together with me on new ideas.