Integration Progress Review at JMU, Würzburg

IPR Team Image

After assembling most of the components it was time to show them to the advisors from DLR. Since we are in time and the parts are well engineered, we had no reason to worry about this review beforehand. Everything went well and we got a pass for the next step of our journey.

Critical Design Review at ESA ESTEC

During the Critical Design Review, we fixed our design and got the feedback to go on with the integration. Besides, we enjoyed some courses like a soldering course at ESA ESTEC.

Preliminary Design Review at Esrange Space Center

PDR in Kiruna

We went to Sweden. Our design was reviewed there by experts from ESA, SNSC, DLR and other organizations. They seemed to be satisfied so far. We are good in time and we don’t have to improve our experiment that much. Besides the review we learned a lot from the expert and one week full of exciting lectures and activities about carrying an experiment to space. The vehicle in the title image will carry our experiment to the start location.

Successful at Selection Workshop in Bonn

Our journey has started in the German Aerospace Center in Bonn on the 27 November 2017. We were asked to present QUEST at the REXUS/BEXUS Selection Workshop in the department of Space Administration. The selection board seemed to be convinced and we are proud to announce that we got accepted. Our next step is the Preliminary Design Review in Kiruna (Northern Sweden).

A QUEST to Solve.

QUEST is a student experiment for the REXUS/BEXUS program. A student team from the University of Würzburg built an autonomous system for the classification of landscapes from high-altitude balloons.

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