Here I list most of my independent projects.

Hey, thanks for the fish!

Back in 2015, I enjoyed a software competition at the University of Kiel. We needed to build an artificial intelligence that plays the board game Hey, thanks for the fish! against others. Our bot called Breadfish turned out to be very successful and we managed to win the finals against 400 competitors.

As you can see in the project repository we were using a highly optimized iterative deepening alpha-beta search with a unique feature set.

After five years of absence, it is time to revive the project with an artificial intelligence-based on new concepts. Back in the days, we named our ai Breadfish after the song about the marvellous breadfish. Now it is time to go to the next step and build the Marvellous Breadfish AI. Stay tuned for a new attempt on fishing on ice floes.

Of course, I need to rebuild the game server because the competition servers went offline a long time ago.

Rocket Sound

During studies I work with model rockets. At some point we asked ourselves whether it is possible to estimate the state of a rocket by measuring sound.

There is always more

I still need to prepare some of my old treasures.